Top 7 Must-visit campgrounds in the US


Know about the best campgrounds to camp in the US. The top 7 campgrounds that you must visit once in your lifetime. In the US, there are beautiful places to visit, along with family and friends. A ton of travelers visit these places daily and enjoy them. One of those places is a campground.

The United States is full of natural destinations. You will get an endless list of the best campgrounds in the United States.

If you are looking for a healthy family picnic, no place could be better than the campgrounds. It cannot feel any better if you take some breath-holding views of nature with the sound of streams and birds chirping around you.

The Best Campgrounds in the US.

The United States has over 12 thousand campgrounds and RV facilities. We will talk about the vest and must-visit campgrounds of the country that have plenty of amenities to offer in terms of enjoyment.

In this article, the Camping Explores team will be sharing the top 7 best campgrounds in the US and the different amenities you will be offered. So, be with us till the last line.

1. Sandy Pines Campground:

Sandy pines campground is among the best and must-visited campgrounds in the united states. It is located in Kennebunkport, Maine, in the west of America.

Campgrounds in the United States

This campsite is full of gorgeous nature views and offers luxury at the same time. Overall there are 85 rental cabins. Sandy pines campground offers a variety of facilities to enjoy your camping trip; some of the recommended activities to do are listed here:

  • Safari tents
  • Camp
  • Cottages
  • Hideaways hunt
  • Fishing
  • Family camps
  • Fire pit
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Heated saltwater pool
  • Playground
  • Lawn areas
  • Board games
  • Paddleboards
  • Restaurants.

All these things are very enough to make your vacation an unforgettable one. Pets are prohibited on such sites to create a peaceful atmosphere and keep everything neat and clean. Book your spots and spend some quality time within the shadows of nature.


2. Trials End Family Campground:

Trail’s end family campground is a great camping spot in North Carolina, just on the Adirondack foothills of Newyork. Absolutely the perfect place to spend some time in summer with your family and enjoy a serene break from a tough daily schedule. It is second on our list of the best campgrounds in the united states.

To enjoy all the water sports activities like swimming, boating, rafting, waterskiing, tubing, and water crafting, there is a reservoir called Hinckley Reservoir. It also offers fishing in some parts of the year.

Other best activities to perform in this park for enjoyment include:

  • Game room
  • Volleyball
  • Mets
  • Horseshoe
  • Camping
  • Football
  • Hide and seek
  • Campfire at night
  • Wildlife viewing

The atmosphere is at its best for a family picnic and fun. This campground is the best option, so have a trip to the hills of New York.

3. Silver Falls State Park:

This campground is located near Silverton, Oregon state in the United States. Talking about the size of the park, it covers an area of around 9000 acres. The main feature of this park is its waterfall which comes from Silvercreek. This is what it’s named after. This park is officially listed on the US national register of historic places.

The park’s most visited waterfall is South Falls, but the highest is a small tributary side canyon. This park has recently partnered with a space company called night sky.

This park is also called “Crown Jewel” as we talk about camping, so this park has 52 campsites. This park allows horse riding, a fire pit, and swimming pools.

Some more exciting to-do activities in this park include:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Playground
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Historic museum

This incredible park is undoubtedly a must-visit place and deserves a camping week.

4. The North Rim Campground:

When it comes to the US, you can not forget the grand canyon; when it comes to the Canyon, you should always remember the north rim campground. This beautiful and breathtaking place is located just at the edge of the canyon.

It allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the grand canyon. Long pine trees and aspens surround the campsites in the canyon. The north rim is genuinely worth it to visit. One of the greatest spots in the US. Thousands of visitors just come around to do photography.

The US government earns a very healthy amount from this campground spot. Another shocking and sad fact is 900 people died in 2021 on the north rim due to a plane crash. The hiking opportunities are highly available as we can go to the top, around 8200 feet high from the ground level.

The view of the world from that height could be amazing and wonderful. The visitors can see the wildlife around them. The animals like deer, wolves, elk, lions, and rattlesnakes are often seen there.

The weather, however, is very unpredictable. We can see snow in some parts of the year, and thunderstorms can be witnessed at night throughout the year, so visitors are suggested to visit with all the necessary stuff.

5. Acadia National Park Maine:

This is located on mount desert island. This park has 6000 lakes and ponds. The rivers and streams cover an area of 32000 miles. This park contains 3 campgrounds which include blackwood seawall and Schoodic Woods.

The campground is also suitable for hiking, as reaching the campgrounds on foot could be a great hiking trail. You can also take the thrill of mountain biking. The peaceful environment there gives a very relaxing feel. The harbor lighthouse increases the beauty of the spot. A boating and swimming facility is also available. RV’s can also be availed to spend the night.

The visitors can also see black bears and sea bears in large numbers. This park has so much more to offer and surely deserves to have a visit at it. So be equipped and have a wonderful visit to this beautiful part of nature.

6. Ocean Lakes Family Campground:

This huge campground is situated in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is a resort-style campground and the biggest in the US. The giant park has been awarded “2022 mega park of the year”. This campground also has houses, camps, and tents that allow a longer stay. If we talk about the number of campsites so it’s pretty big. This massive park has 859 campsites.

The view of the ocean from the window gives a fresh feel, and it is a perfect place for oceanfront lovers. Ocean Lake also has a water park and RV center. Pets are also allowed there.

To travel around the vast field, they also provide golf cart services. Arcade games, volleyball, basketball, and playgrounds are available for more fun. A grand restaurant allows you to eat food from around the world.

Fishing and boating to boost the fun. It is a perfect place to refresh your mind and spend the weekend.

7. Big Bend National Park:

This is located in the city of Texas, US. Another place to have a look at the scenarios of nature. On daily bases, thousands of visitors take a trip to this park. The amenities of this park include fishing in the river, hiking on the mountain, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

The adventure sports facilities are also on their charge. You can camp along the river between the mountains and stay at the campground. Firepits and swimming pools are also there to warm up your body. This park is also known as the geographically diverse park in the US.

The Chihuahuan Desert and the Chisos Mountains are a part of this vast park. This campground also separates the USA from Mexico. It also covers 200 miles of dirt roads. It promotes hiking and the weather here, which is perfect for hikers. The park is also famous for the best arrangement of cultural activities. The locals say autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit this lovely place.

March is the month when the park gains the peak visitor ratio. In any season, we can plan a visit to this iconic place.


The most critical factor in our life is peace of mind, which we should never compromise. To refresh your mood and have a healthy break from your tough routine, we can best go to a campground and enjoy the beauty and breathtaking views around the scenic world.

Mental health is as important as physical health, so have a healthy mind and enjoy the good moments of life with the scenic beauty of campgrounds.

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Name the top 7 best campgrounds in the United States.

There is plenty of campgrounds in the US; the top 7 of them have been listed here:
1. Sandy Pines Campground
2. Trial End Family Campground
3. Silver Falls State Park
4. The North Rim Campground
5. Acadia National Park Maine
6. Ocean Lakes Family Campground
7. Big Bend National Park

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