Top 7 must-visit campgrounds In the United Kingdom?


Do you want to spend quality time in the fresh air with your family in the UK? Then you must look at this article about campgrounds in the United Kingdom.

If anyone of you is looking for a fascinating weekend to spend with the family, then you should be aware of the campgrounds and camping. The campground is suitable for all ages, including young and old. Everyone loves to go out for some time, feel relaxed, and get relief from the strict professional schedules.

Campgrounds are made for adventure, and adventure lovers can get fascinated because most campgrounds offer various tracking, hiking, and rock climbing opportunities. The campground has been part of outdoor adventure for ages. In the United Kingdom, campgrounds can generally be found in most cities. Numerically there are around 8000 campsites scattered all over the United Kingdom. Many of them have RVs and support electric appliances.

Today we will talk about The top 7 campgrounds in the United Kingdom that you must consider before your campgrounds list. The list is made on behalf of their rating, Pricing, view and beauty, and location. So let’s jump into it.

Top 7 Campgrounds In the United Kingdom

 1: Red Shoot Camping Park New Forest, Hampshire:

This Campground is located in the prime location of Hampshire. It is in the new forest of the city, just a perfect location for a camping trip. Jaqui Oldfield owns this park. Red Shoot Camping Park New Forest is around 160 years old. Talking about amenities and necessities of the park is made especially for families. There are 100 campsites, with 46 of them having electric hook-ups.

Red Shoot Camping Park New Forest, Hampshire

Even if you are in the middle of the city, when you walk 5 minutes from the north, you will find yourself in a lonely spot with no one around or even close to you. The park has a swing bridge hanging with ropes to add some amusement. Moving some meters from the bridge, we’ll find a beautiful red shoot Inn. This is what it’s famous for. You can taste several dishes with an eye-catching view of the forest.

Red Shoot Camping Park New Forest, Hampshire

There is also a Zoo situated named “Marwell Zoo“. There have been many animals to show, like lions, white bears, monkeys, and reptiles.” Monkey World” is another spot to remember. The reptiles are kept separately in the”Reptile Centre.” Just a few steps from the center. You can see a large water park spread over a considerable distance. The park contains slides and has too many fun activities to offer


Talking about the cost, they charge €15-€25 per night (2 adults and vehicle) and €5 for children. The Red Shoot camping park is a fantastic place with all the necessities and accessories to make you crave it.

2: Burnbake Corfe Castle Campground In the United Kingdom:

The campground is located at Wareham, Corfe Castle, United Kingdom. The burnbake Castle is a wooden-themed campground. It has almost everything; you would see some fantastic woodwork creativities too. This Unique Style attracts many campers tirelessly towards itself. You can say it is old-themed, but it’s never dull and can comfortably make you pleased.

Burnbake Corfe Castle Campground

The campground has a campsite along with unique lodges made from wood. Beaches surround Burnbake to give you a peaceful view from your window. Adding more stars to the quality of the park, there are coastlines and valleys. The coastline is known as a “World Heritage” Jurrasic coastline.

The children can enjoy themselves in the woods playing hide and seek and playing fun activities on the beach. Safety is guaranteed so you can fully avail all entertaining opportunities. The view of wildlife around you can be a treat for the eyes. The animals like rabbits, squirrels, and Deer can amuse you.

Burnbake Corfe Castle Campground

A stylish hotel has been built to serve the best dishes and re-energize you. The dining area is lovely, with the fairy lights shining beside you. The TV, WiFi, Comfortable Sofas, and much more amenities give you a compilation of modern and old eras. You can carry your pet as pets are allowed here.

The lodge can be booked online for up to 7 days. The spacious lodge can hold up to 6 people. The campground authorities provide a complete plan.


 Members  Bedroom   Other Amenities      Price
2 persons1 bedroomKitchen & Bathroom€15
2 people & 1 child1 master  bed &1 single bedroomKitchen & bathroom€20
6 person3 master bed1 kitchen & 2 bathroom, Siting area €55

If you can’t go with your family, you can also make a plan with your friends. So book your tickets and pack your gear to relax your mind and have a break from the tough daily routine.

3: Dale Farm Rural Campground In the United Kingdom:

The Dale Farm Rural Campsite is located at a significant long stone bake well in the United Kingdom. This Campsite is not the biggest of the campgrounds in the united kingdom but among the best ones. It is a farm-based campsite or village style on the site of Derbyshire. It is in the mid of the District country site.

Dale Farm Rural Campground

It is ideal for the adventure lover. The campsite offers mountain biking facilities as well as climbing or hiking also. The photographers also love the place so much. Visitors often visit to shoot videos and take pictures of gorgeous natural views.

Talking about the more facilities, they also have RVs service, tents, and motor homes. They also offer good pitches for tent camping. The classy gardens are perfect for relaxing in the evening. The park has an outstanding and award-winning bakery. The bakery offers the best evening and breakfast snacks with excellent delicious taste.

Dale Farm Rural Campground

Three fully equipped bell tents have space for 3-4 people. You don’t need much camping gear because everything is available at the fail-found rural campsite. Well-behaved and known wild pets are allowed. Other amenities include.

  • Medium size hilltop tents
  • Electric Hill site tent
  • Electric hard, standing pitches
  • Comfort bell tents
  • Secluded bell tents

To Avail of all of them, plan a camping trip to Dale Farm Rural Campsite and enjoy entertaining vacations.

4: Gill Head Farm Campground In the United Kingdom:

This working hill farm is located north of lake district national park. It is just 15 minutes drive from Keswick. The park is located on the hilltop which gives a stunning view from up there.

Gill Head Farm Campground

The Gill Head Farm has a ton of activities to offer. It is said that the visitors are primarily spoilt for choices. Special security alerts 24/7 to provide a secure environment.

The activities include water sports which is the specialty of the campground. Visitors love to do horse riding and climb on the hills. The park also frames the historic views and historic houses. The guardians are also there to let you enjoy the right way.

Gill Head Farm Campground

The evening campfire can also be a part of the to-do activities of the visitors. There are many shops inside the campground to provide an excellent shopping experience. The beauty of nature will always attract you toward it. There are also some indoor mural areas; their creativity can tirelessly attract you toward them.

The modern facilities include microwaves, kettles, fridges, and freezers. A restaurant is also there to give you a taste you will never forget. So pack your gear, reach Gill Head Farm Campground In the United Kingdom, and spend a fruitful time with your families or friends.


They offer all the fun at affordable prices. One night stand for a couple the prices are €19. For child €5 are charged for each.

5: Trwyn Yr Wylfa Campground In the United Kingdom:

This campground is situated in Snowdonia, United Kingdom. Near the mountains of Snowdonia and within walking distance from the beach.

Trwyn Yr Wylfa Campground

The beautiful campground and its unique name Trwyn Yr Wylfa stand for “Watching Point.” The campsite means its name and gives what it is said for. On the one side, there are mountains, and on the other, there is the beach. This glorious view is the tourist’s most prominent attraction and dream place.

Talking about the internal campground. It is not newly constructed. Instead, it is been part of the united kingdom’s ancient history, about 85 years old, and is under the ownership of johns family. It has been listed in the “Top 20 Coastal sites“. The campground was also nominated for the “Great Outdoor Magazine Award“. The site also won the “Popular Choice Award” in 2018 and 2019.

Facilities And Amenities:

This is an incredible place and offers RV and caravan services. The water sports facilities on the stunning beach. WiFi is available 24/7. Bedrooms and bathrooms are well maintained and furnished. 40 electric Grass pitches that allow up to 6 people. Hard-standing pitches are also there for the caravans and motor homes.


They charged €10 for an adult and €5 for children; for other services, the charges vary.

Many more facilities are available, and the weather is perfect for a day out at the Trwyn Yr Wylfa.

6: Three Cliff Bay Campground In the United Kingdom:

The three cliff bay is in the city of the peninsula and the country of Swan Sea, Wales. Three cliff bay is named after the three sea cliffs that emit into the bay. A beautiful large stream flows in the mid of the bay.

Three Cliff Bay Campground

It is another heartwarming camping spot in the United Kingdom. The beach is an essential asset for travelers to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. Pennard Castle is also part of the campground. It is around 800 years old. The unique place creates a sense of attraction for the visitors. The place seems to be dangerous, but actually, it is not. The elevation is not steep but flat. You can travel without kids for a better experience.

The basic campground facilities are not at their absolute best here, but outdoor adventure or camping usually peaks in summer.


Camping there at 3 cliff bay is free, so pack your stuff and spend some time with the beauty of nature.

 7: Glenbrittle Skye Campground In the United Kingdom:

It is located on the Isle of Skye, United Kingdom. On the west coast, Isle campsite is located. It is another campsite between the beaches and Mountains offering stunning views. The greenery is all over the mountain, elaborating the definition of natural beauty.

Glenbrittle Skye Campground

Glenbrittle Skye Campground features 120 pitches which are spread all over the place. A cafe has been built there to spend the evening with coffee and snacks. There are 36 electric hookups. RVs are also present. The caravan is generally parked along the campsite.


Electric Hookup€10
Day fishing€24

It is the best and perfect place to spend your weekend in a luxury style. Bring your caravan or come with just the camping gear to avail the wide range of facilities.

Glenbrittle Skye Campground

Camping in the United Kingdom reaches its peak point in the summer. Campsites have become less vacant, but they are thousands in number, So you don’t have to worry about it. Camping is beneficial in refreshing the mood and improving your mental behavior. The peace of mind you achieve at the campsite is excellent and unmatchable. It also reduces stress and improves critical thinking.

According to medical science, camping improves sleep, so if you want to achieve good peace of mind, there could be no better option or therapy than camping.

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