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Do you want to go camping with your furry friend? Are you looking for the perfect pet-friendly campgrounds where you can enjoy pet-friendly camping in the United States? Well, don’t bother yourself anymore; this article is for you. Here we will share the perfect camping destinations in the United States with a furry friend.

There are several pet-friendly campgrounds in the United States. Most campsites welcome pets, but the size and behavior of your pet will matter which campsite you should choose.

General State Park Rules for Pet-Friendly Camping:

  •  Animals must be well-behaved, kept on a six-foot or less leash, and held in hand.
  •  Owners are expected to tidy up after their pets and dispose of their excrement correctly.
  •  Pets are prohibited in playgrounds, cabins, park buildings, or concession areas. Pets may not be allowed in some regions of some parks.

What Do Pet-Friendly Campgrounds Provide?

Camping is an excellent opportunity for your pets to meet new people, exercise, and have fun with you.


Camping can undoubtedly be enjoyable for you and your pet. But before you start your journey, you should know the requirements, have some special preparations, and rules that apply.

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Pros of a Pet-Friendly Camping

  • Get to know your furry animal buddy; you are the one who knows him/her the best. If you feel that camping could put you or other campers in danger, leave him home.
  • Find out if animals are allowed at the campsite. Pets may not be allowed in some regions of the pet-friendly campgrounds, such as lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, the backcountry, and other outdoor spaces.
  • Take your pet’s health and fitness into account. Are they able to handle the physical requirements of the trip? If you have to hike to your camping area and your pet has trouble going on longer walks, you might choose to leave them at home.
  • Vaccinations – Ensure your pet has received all necessary shots and is heartworm, flea, and tick-protected. Even on a leash, dogs might come into contact with several wild animals while camping. To ensure that your pet is safe while you are camping, ask your veterinarian about the location.
  • Hiking on Paths – Many parks forbid pets on boardwalks or hiking trails. Always verify the park’s rules if you want to go hiking while visiting. Learn how to hike with pets.
  • Consider how involved your pet will be. Pets are members of the family, but if you want to spend a lot of time engaging in activities that are not dog friendly. You might need to consider an alternative, such as a boarding facility.

Point to Remember

Always remember that the rules and criteria for pet-friendly camping in these parks might change over time. Dog-friendly campgrounds have specific rules and reservations regarding dog-friendly camping.

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Pet-Friendly Camping in Florida

There are dozens of dog-friendly campgrounds in Florida where you can camp with pets and dogs.

All Florida state parks with day-use sections allow pets on leashes up to six feet long, except Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs State Park because of its confined fauna. (For guests bringing pets park offers free, self-service kennels at the main entrance.)

Since many of Florida’s public campgrounds and state parks are pet-friendly, pets may enjoy the outdoors.

Even Florida dog beaches, where swimming is allowed without a leash, are frequented by dog owners and their pets.

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7 Best Pet-Friendly Camping Destinations in Florida

Here is a list of pet and dog-friendly campgrounds in Florida which might be your next camping destination:

  1. Anastasia State Park Campground
  2. CB Smith Park
  3. Fort De Soto Park
  4. Emerald RV Park
  5. Royal Coachman RV Park
  6. Sun N Fun RV Resort
  7. St. Andrews State Park Campground

Always check for booking and reservation.

Campsites that Allow Pet Animals in Colorado

There are 200-plus campgrounds in Colorado that have pet-friendly campsites.

Most campgrounds have fenced-in dog runs and other areas where dogs can run still due to other issues prohibiting pets inside the camping areas.

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photo by Valeriia Miller

10 Pet Dogs Friendly Campgrounds in Colorado

Colorado has some famous pet and dog-friendly campgrounds which attract millions of tourists annually. Some of the top-rated pet-friendly campgrounds are listed here:

  1. Cherry Creek State Park
  2. Frisco Bay Marina
  3. Glacier Basin Campground
  4. Rifle Falls Campground
  5. Dakota Ridge Rv Park
  6. Lawson Adventure Park
  7. St. Vrain Campground
  8. Lake Lrwin Campground
  9. Moraine Park Campground
  10. Glenwood Canyon Resort

Check for booking and reservation of each park.

Pet-Friendly Camping in California

Camping in California is mostly pet-friendly, with a few notable exceptions. Dogs must wear leashes.

California state law allows dogs to run free in authorized dog parks and camping areas, except in places that are heavily frequented, such as beaches and national parks.

Dogs Friendly Campgrounds in California

The California campgrounds that allow dogs include Lake Arrowhead, Napa Valley, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Big Sur. Several of these locations offer dedicated dog parks to delight your dog.

Most campgrounds allow pets as long as you are within 10 feet of them and allow them to roam freely.

7 Best Pet’s Friendly Campgrounds in California

We have shared a list of the 7 best pets and dog-friendly campgrounds in California:

  1. Campland on the Bay
  2. Dorst Creek Campground
  3. Point Mugu State Park
  4. Butano State Park
  5. Chilcoot Campground
  6. Saddle Mountain Ranch
  7. Yosemite Lakes RV resort

Check for the rules and reservations for each campground.

Pet-Friendly Camping in Utah

Utah has many beautiful places for pets and dogs lover, friends, and family to enjoy the great outdoors together.

Dog-friendly campgrounds in Utah offer the perfect environment for dogs to enjoy the environment. Playing with other animals in this fantastic setting will be much fun for your pet. The parks are additionally kept up and tidy.

Dogs are invited to hang out with their owners and other pets at campgrounds around Utah.

Although Utah and dogs get along well, certain places don’t allow pets. Camping is one of these locations! Make sure to review the rules before you leave.

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12 best Pet-Friendly Camping Spots in Utah

Here is a list of the 12 campsites where you can spend on a pet and dog-friendly camping:

  1. Mirror Lake Campground
  2. Watchman Campground
  3. Anderson Cove Campground
  4. Pine Shadows Cabin
  5. Zion River Resort
  6. Strawberry Bay Campground
  7. Blue Mountain RV & Trading
  8. Lost Creek Campground
  9. Moab KOA
  10. Darksky RV Campground

Disadvantages and advantages of camping.

Pet-Friendly Camping in the U.S. FAQs

Which pets are allowed in California campgrounds?

Most state campgrounds accept dogs (except those designated “environmental”). They must always be kept on a leash no longer than six feet. Pets are not permitted in park structures, on trails (unless otherwise noted), or on most beaches, except service animals.

What pets are not allowed in California?

The list of animals that are prohibited from ownership in California is extensive. Ferrets, mongooses, bats, bears, lions, gerbils, sure hamsters, monkeys, and hedgehogs are among the animals covered.

Which pets are allowed in Florida campgrounds?

Pets are prohibited in the beach, bathhouses, park buildings, playgrounds, or cabins. Campsites at Florida state parks allow pets on leashes. Only four dogs, cats, and non-fur-bearing animals like reptiles, birds, or fish are allowed when kept in the owner’s care.
Pets that disturb others or park resources are noisy, aggressive, dangerous, distressing, or threatening to other people or animals are deemed nuisances and will not be allowed to stay in the park. Cats and dogs must also receive vaccinations.

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