Glamping in Florida 2023 – Best Tips and Guide


Are you looking for some adventure in Florida? We have shared this research-based article with the best tips and guides for glamping in Florida state.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is also called glamorous camping. Glamping is a type of camping where campers look for a luxurious and comfortable way to explore nature and new places. In glamping, campsites authorities are responsible for providing luxury amenities like furnished bathrooms, electricity, comfort, air-conditioning bedrooms, and a kitchenette.

Glamping in Florida

Glamping is not a typical way of camping; in Florida, plenty of campsites and campgrounds offer glamping amenities. Equally important, Florida State is full of natural beauty, and most campsites are located by natural places like beaches, state parks, and national parks. This allows visitors to enjoy nature while spending nights in comfortable luxury bedrooms.

glamping in Florida
Glamping in Florida

Why Glamping is Popular in Florida?

Again, it is equally important to mention that Florida is full of natural areas, and camping and glamping are two significant ways to explore this beauty. Glamping in Florida is a unique and luxurious way to spend time in nature. The best way to explore new areas without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

You might not be used to the traditional way of camping. The first moment, we all become hesitant to sleep in a sleeping bag inside a tent. In addition to all this, do you want to go camping to explore new places?

If you are confused and don’t know where to start? Well, this article is for you. We are here to help you with your confusion and discomfort. Read on!

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Glamping in Florida is popular for several reasons:

  1. Florida is famous for its weather, coupled with a warm and sunny climate. Its climate makes it ideal for outdoor adventure and diverse camping activities.
  2. There is no limitation to natural beauty in Florida. Its beauty is one of the main factors attracting millions of tourists and campers annually.
  3. Campsites that allow glamping are located in natural areas such as state parks and beaches. This allows them to enjoy nature without the traditional way of camping.
  4. Florida is among the popular tourist destinations in the United States. Most tourists want to ensure luxury and comfort, and campsites are built according to tourists’ demands.
  5. In general, most of the campsites in Florida are eco-friendly and use renewable energy sources. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of glamping in Florida.

Best Campsites for Glamping in Florida:

Indeed, Florida State is a center of attention for many campers during the peak camping days. There are different ways to go camping. You can go camping year-round in Florida. It fully depends upon the campsite policies and your interest.

Here is a list of the best campsites for glamping in Florida.

1. Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo is among the best glamping destinations in central Florida. In this glamping resort, you can find luxury glamping tents and teepees. 1. Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo has something to offer every visitor, including horseback riding, fishing, boating, hiking, rodeo, and cookout.

Their booking fairs cost $169 per night for luxury glamping tents and $250 for luxury teepees.

2. Luxury Glamping, Lake Louisa

Luxury Glamping, Lake Louisa is a beautiful state park of Florida located the south of Clermont, in the northeast corner of the Green Swamp, and on the southwestern shore of Lake Louisa. There are beautiful luxury glamping tents in Lake Louisa where you can spend a night or more comfortably.

Furthermore, each night’s stay charges start from $120 plus taxes and reservations fee. There is a wide range of amenities you can enjoy at Lake Louisa, including paddling, and particularly, with the presence of three major lakes, lake Louisa has plenty of fishing and swimming activities to offer.

3. The Griffin Range

The Griffin range is a beautiful 30 acres of land with colorful ponds, green pastures, and dark wooded areas. It is at 11932 E Highway 316, Fort McCoy, FL 32134-7819. You can enjoy glamping in safari rooms, cabins, and airstreams, which charge $69, $169, and $79 for each night.

The amenities include wildlife viewing, workout centers for fitness, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, and free parking. The minimum number of nights to stay in the Griffin range is 2, which remains open round-year. They also allow pets.

4. TreeHouse, Saint Cloud

TreeHouse, Saint Cloud is located at St. Cloud and aptly. It is among the top glamping spots in Florida state. ThreeHouse, Saint Cloud, is ideal for a couple to spend quality time. Their charges start from $171 per night.

TreeHouse, Saint Cloud
TreeHouse, Saint Cloud

Amenities at the Treehouse, saint cloud includes free parking and free wifi, and one bedroom and one bathroom make it perfect for a couple. An outdoor dining facility is also available at the treehouse saint cloud resort.

5. Twin Lakes Camp Resort

Twin Lakes Camp Resort is also among the top glamping destinations in Florida. Tents and cabins are available round-year for glamping. The minimum number of nights to stay is 2. Their charges start from $149 per night.

The amenities at the twin lakes camp resort include kayaking, swimming, and hammock camping, and there is free wifi and fire rings available for outdoor cooking.

Tips for Planning Glamping in Florida:

Above all, Florida’s warm weather is the main factor that makes glamping possible here round-year. With most campsites in natural areas like beaches and state parks, Florida is ideal for luxury and comfort enthusiasts.

Notable tips and guidance on glamping in Florida are shared here:

1. Best Time to go glamping in Florida:

Moreover, Florida’s glamping resorts and campsites remain open in all seasons. But it openly depends upon the campsite’s policies and the weather of your interest.

During the march to May, fewer tourists and campers chose to go glamping. While in the winter, from December to February, glamping in Florida hits its peak. In this crowded time, you will need to reserve seats in advance.

2. Gear for Glamping in Florida

The weather in Florida might be highly unpredictable, so you have to choose camping clothes for glamping here accordingly. Here is our best suggestion for you:

  1. Bring lightweight and breathable clothes that are made up of cotton and linen. These clothes will help you to stay cool during the warm weather.
  2. Since the weather here is unpredictable, you should also bring warm clothes for a more relaxed day.
  3. Go with sunscreen and sunglasses for eye and skin protection.
  4. Carry a pair of good quality shoes if you plan to spend time kayaking and on a beach.
  5. Also, carry essential gear items like a first aid kit or other things according to your planning and strategy.

3. Making Reservations for a Glamping Site

As I have already mentioned, it is essential to make reservations in Florida, especially if you’re planning to go glamping during peak times. The time between December to February is peak glamping time in Florida.

Finally, we hope that this article will help you. You can share your opinion in the comments, and also do not forget to share this with your adventure lover friends on social platforms.

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