Best Camping Shovels 2024


Camping provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, bringing us closer to the serenity of nature. An essential part of any camping trip is the gear that supports us through various terrains and situations. Among these tools, the humble camping shovel is a multitasking workhorse. Not only is it used for digging fire pits or latrines, but it can also serve as a gardening tool, a chopping blade, or even as a makeshift paddle.

When selecting the best camping shovel, it’s crucial to consider its durability, weight, and functionality. A shovel made from high-quality materials like carbon steel or aircraft-grade aluminum will withstand the rigors of outdoor use, while one that is lightweight will not be a burden during long treks. The design should cater to various needs; a foldable or collapsible shovel, for instance, is ideal for space-saving in a backpack, and additional built-in features like a serrated edge or extendable handle can enhance its utility.

As we prepare to detail our top picks, bear in mind that the best shovel for your next outdoor adventure should balance toughness with versatility. Compact models with easy-to-use functions rank high on our list, as these can be crucial in emergency situations or when efficiency is key. We’ve evaluated numerous options, considering every element from ergonomics to the reliability of the locking mechanism, to highlight the top performers that can tackle any job you throw at them. Armed with the right shovel, you can dig, chop, and pave your way to a more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

Top Camping Shovels for Your Outdoor Adventures

Our comprehensive review unearths the finest camping shovels to accompany you on your wilderness journeys. We’ve tested and compared a variety of models to ensure you have the most durable, efficient, and portable options at your fingertips. Whether you’re digging a fire pit, burying waste, or trenching around a tent, our selection is designed to enhance your camping experience with reliability you can count on.

Rhino USA Shovel

We believe you should grab the Rhino USA Shovel if you’re seeking a robust and multifunctional camping companion.


  • Sturdy construction enhances durability
  • Versatile with added pick and saw features
  • Compact and includes a convenient carrying case


  • Heavier than some portable options
  • Saw teeth could be sharper
  • Foldable size may be small for some tasks

After our recent camping trip, we were glad to have the Rhino USA Shovel on hand. Picking a reliable shovel is crucial, and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s a hefty tool, indicating durability and strength. Unfolding the shovel and converting it to the pickaxe was straightforward, and it tackled tough ground with surprising ease.

However, we must mention, the weight of the shovel may not appeal to everyone, especially if you’re looking to shave off pounds from your backpack. But the sturdiness it brings suggests it can endure the strains of outdoor work. Fitting this tool back into its case was simple, and we appreciated how little room it took up among our gear.

The compactness of this shovel is a double-edged sword. While its small footprint is a boon for saving space, we noticed in larger digging jobs the limited size took its toll on our efficiency. And while we wished the saw was a bit sharper during a close encounter with some tough brush, it managed the job adequately, showcasing its practicality in various scenarios.

Overall, the Rhino USA Shovel proved to be a valuable asset in our outdoor excursions, combining solidity with utility. The added heft might require a little compromise on portability, but when it comes down to performance, this tool doesn’t falter. Whether for camping or emergency situations, having this shovel in our lineup gave us a sense of preparedness and confidence.

Extremus Trench Shovel

When we last camped, the Extremus Trench Shovel proved to be an indispensable tool for its versatility and durability in rough conditions.


  • Compact and portable when folded
  • Robust and multi-functional design
  • Serrated edge for cutting and chopping


  • The retaining nut may require tightening
  • Limited leverage due to small size
  • May not handle very hard soil as larger shovels do

Our latest adventure saw us digging fire pits with ease, thanks to the Extremus Trench Shovel. Its three-way folding system was a real advantage, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly, and conservation of pack space. At one point, we used it at a 90-degree angle for trenching water away from our tent – a task it handled admirably. The solid construction did not go unnoticed; we really put it through its paces chopping small branches for kindling.

We found the serrated cutting edge particularly useful. It was efficient not only for sawing through wood but also for breaking through icy patches around our campsite. The folding shovel’s triangle handle offered a comfortable and secure grip, allowing us to work longer without hand fatigue. Moreover, tossing the shovel into our vehicle’s trunk was a breeze, and it provided some peace of mind during our off-road excursions, knowing that we had a reliable tool for mud or snow situations.

Despite the rugged design, we did notice the need to occasionally re-tighten the retaining nut during extensive use. While its compact size is perfect for backpacking, it does trade off some of the leverage achieved with longer-handled shovels. It’s also worth noting that, while it handled regular campsite tasks with ease, it might struggle with extremely hard or rocky soil where a larger, heavier-duty shovel would excel.

Having used it in various scenarios, we can comfortably say that the Extremus Trench Shovel meets the demands of typical camping activities, although it has some limitations when compared to full-sized shovels. For campers looking for a lightweight, versatile digging tool, this shovel is a solid choice.

Compact Commando Shovel

We recommend this shovel for avid campers who value durability and compactness in their gear.


  • Surprisingly lightweight for its strength
  • Easily attachable to a backpack with its durable case
  • Multifunctional with its sawtooth edge and foldable design


  • Handle may be too short for some users
  • Metal components could wear down with extensive use
  • The paint may chip off, leading to potential rusting

In our recent camping trip, the AugTouf shovel proved to be a trusty companion. It felt light on our packs but didn’t compromise on quality. The craftsmanship is clear, with its heat-treated blades ready to take on tough digging and chopping tasks. The folding mechanism was a breeze to use, transforming the shovel from a compact tool into a full-length implement in seconds.

We were initially skeptical of the durability of such a lightweight tool, but it handled everything from creating fire pits to digging out tent spots with ease. The case was particularly impressive – it protected the shovel well and attached snugly to our gear without any issues. The additional advantage of using it as a knee pad showed us that AugTouf really thought about versatility.

However, one of our taller team members found the handle a bit too short, which led to some discomfort during extended digging jobs. Despite this, we consider it a minor setback compared to the overall utility and performance of the shovel. After several days in various terrains, we did notice some wear on the tightening mechanism and a few chips in the paint, which suggests that while it’s sturdy, the shovel isn’t indestructible. Regular maintenance would likely increase its longevity.

HUZSV Survival Shovel Axe Set

We recommend this versatile survival shovel set for any camping enthusiast who values multifunctionality and durability in their gear.


  • Multitool versatility with 28 integrated functions
  • Strong construction with heat-treated carbon steel
  • Portable design, easy to assemble and store


  • The included knife’s quality may not satisfy all users
  • Some tools like the axe may not compare to full-sized versions
  • Potentially heavy for backpackers to carry long distances

In recent outings, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with the HUZSV Survival Shovel Axe Set’s robustness. Its hardened carbon steel makes it immune to the wear and tear of regular camping activities. From pitching a tent to splitting kindling for the campfire, this shovel set has demonstrated reliability.

The multitool aspect has streamlined our pack – instead of lugging around separate tools, we have everything we need in one handy kit. The flashlight and whistle come in especially handy during nighttime emergencies, and having a saw and axe within reach gives us peace of mind.

However, we must admit, while the shovel and axe lived up to their promise, the quality of the included knife falls short of our expectations. It works, but serious campers might want to bring along a more reliable blade. Additionally, its compactness belies its weight; the set is sturdy but might weigh down a backpacker’s load.

Despite these drawbacks, we’ve found that the HUZSV set has become a staple in our outdoor adventures. It’s reassuring to know that a single item in our pack can present so many solutions to on-the-go challenges.

ZENHOSIT Tactical Gear

We highly recommend this ZENHOSIT shovel and axe set, as it’s a robust multi-tool that truly shines in outdoor situations.


  • All-in-one functionality with multiple tools for diverse outdoor tasks
  • Solid construction with high-carbon steel and stainless steel ensures durability
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip grips for comfortable extended use


  • A bit on the heavier side for backpacking
  • The complexity of the tool might be overwhelming for minimalists
  • The included pouch could be more rugged for extended outdoor use

Out in the wild, versatility is as crucial as reliability. Recently, we took the ZENHOSIT Tactical Gear for a spin, and it proved to be a game-changer. This isn’t just a shovel; it’s a survivalist’s Swiss Army knife. The steel shovel head withstood everything we threw at it — from trench digging to hammering stakes into the ground. Plus, with the ability to adjust the head angle, we dug, chopped, and sawed without breaking a sweat.

What took us by surprise was the axe. Sharp, sturdy and with an excellent balance that made clearing branches from our campsite a breeze. It’s a proper wood splitter, making quick work of logs for the campfire. Additionally, the whistle and compass came in handy during our hikes, adding that layer of safety we adventurers often need.

While we loved the versatility, we noted the tool’s weight. It’s robust, which is excellent for strength, but it adds extra heft to our pack. This could be a deciding factor for long treks. Also, with so many features, some of our less tech-savvy friends found it slightly complex. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who prefer a simplistic tool. Lastly, the carry pouch is functional but in our opinion, it doesn’t match the durability of the tools themselves — an upgrade here would be nice.

In summary, our experience with the ZENHOSIT Tactical Gear left us impressed. Its broad range of tools and solid build handled our adventurous demands with ease. Despite its few drawbacks, we find it to be a valuable addition for anyone’s outdoor gear arsenal.

DARTMOOR Mini Shovel

Our team believes this shovel should be a part of your camping gear for its durability and versatility.


  • Digs through tough terrain effortlessly.
  • Compact design fits easily into a backpack.
  • Lightweight, making it perfect for long treks.


  • Smaller than expected, limiting scooping capacity.
  • No instructions included; can be tricky to repack.
  • Slightly heavier than some may prefer for backpacking.

In our recent camping trip, we found the DARTMOOR Mini Shovel to be strikingly robust given its size. It proved its worth when we faced rocky soil that looked challenging at first. Its carbon steel blade went through it like a hot knife through butter. And we appreciated its portability—it’s so inconspicuous in our packs, it’s like it wasn’t even there until we needed it.

Shovels are essential but can be cumbersome. Not this one. Storing it was a breeze due to its foldable nature. Even when space was at a premium in our trunk, the DARTMOOR Mini Shovel nestled neatly with the rest of our camping gear. And at our campsite, it didn’t take up precious space and was always within reach when needed.

However, it did have its limitations. While using it, we missed the scoop capacity of a larger shovel at times, but given its size, it was understandable. We ran into a bit of a puzzle when attempting to fold it back into its carry case—the absence of instructions was felt. And for those in our group sensitive to weight, even its modest heft was noted during long hikes. Nevertheless, the shovel’s utility outweighed these minor drawbacks, and we found it to be a solid addition to our equipment.

Rhino USA Survival Shovel

We think this Rhino USA shovel should be a staple in your camping gear for its durability and versatility.


  • Multifunctional with a sturdy pickaxe and saw teeth
  • Compact design, easy to fold and transport
  • Dependable for various conditions and uses


  • Can be heavy for backpacking
  • Compact size may not be suitable for large digging tasks
  • Folding mechanism can be stiff initially

Having recently put the Rhino USA Survival Shovel to the test on our camping trip, we found its rugged carbon steel blade and pickaxe immensely useful for setting up camp. The weight gave a sense of sturdiness without being burdensome, making it reliable for digging fire pits and trenching around our tents.

The shovel’s compact nature worked wonders for our space-saving needs. It tucked away neatly into the carry case after folding down to a fraction of its full size. Trekking through the backcountry, we valued not having our gear weigh us down.

Despite its strengths, there were a few compromises. For those who prefer ultralight gear, this shovel might add noticeable weight. Also, for projects requiring extensive digging, its size could limit efficiency. Nonetheless, we appreciated the Rhino USA shovel’s solid construction and ease of use after loosening up the folding mechanism with a bit of wear.

In our experience, the Rhino USA Survival Shovel proved to be a trustworthy companion, well-equipped for the unexpected challenges of the great outdoors. Whether prepping a campsite, gardening, or navigating a snowy pass, it stood up to the task, much to our satisfaction.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best camping shovel, there are several crucial features to consider:


We aim to select a shovel that can withstand rigorous use. Look for shovels made with high-quality materials such as carbon steel or aircraft-grade aluminum.

Carbon Steel– Strong
– Durable
– Heavier
– Prone to rust
Aircraft-grade Aluminum– Lightweight
– Rust-resistant
– Less durable than steel
– More expensive

Size and Weight

The shovel’s size and weight are vital for portability. We advise balancing the need for a lightweight tool with adequate functionality.

  • Opt for compact models that can easily fit in your backpack.
  • Consider a folding or collapsible design to save space.


A multi-functional shovel offers more value, so we look for additional features:

  • Serrated edges for sawing
  • Flat edges for hammering
  • Hollow handles for storage


We prefer ergonomically designed shovels for comfort and ease of use.

  • Look for shovels with soft-grip handles.
  • Adjustable shafts are beneficial for varying heights and tasks.


Price is an important consideration, and we seek the best balance between cost and functionality.

  • Avoid cheap shovels that may break easily.
  • High-end models may offer more features but assess if they are necessary for your needs.